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Contact :



Téléphone :

05 47 74 55 90


Type de structure :


Directeur(trice) :

TRAYNOR Nicholas

Taille de structure :

PME (11 – 250 salariés)

Adresse :

11 avenue de Canteranne
Cité de la Photonique
33600 Pessac


Domaine d'activité stratégique principal :
Photonique - Laser
Domaine(s) d'activité stratégique(s) secondaire(s) :
- Electronique - Hyperfréquences
- Santé
- Aéronautique, Spatial & Défense
- Communication & sécurité
Description de la structure :
Azurlight Systems develops, produces and commercializes innovative fiber laser technologies. Its patented design represents a real breakthrough on the laser market, especially over other solid-state technologies. The team strives to combine the most stringent fiber laser specifications: high power, single-mode, single frequency, ultra-low noise, to enable the most demanding applications. The unique all-fibered architecture allows for reliability and robustness and enables efficient integration.

Their products are intended for industrials and academics. Azurlight Systems is ISO 9001:2015 certified and relies on a well-trained global network of partners. Nevertheless, they are very close to their customers and always appreciate to provide deep understanding of their products performances and potential customization to the application.