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Type de structure :


Directeur(trice) :

IMANI Shahida

Taille de structure :

TPE (1 - 10 salariés)

Adresse :

43 Discovery Terrace
EH14 4AP Edinburgh


Domaine d'activité stratégique principal :
Photonique - Laser
Domaine(s) d'activité stratégique(s) secondaire(s) :
- Numérique & Industrie du Futur
- Santé
- Communication & sécurité
Description de la structure :
Chromacity design and manufacture the next generation of ultrafast lasers which drive advances in fundamental research and industrial applications worldwide.

Despite its size, the young laser manufacturer is ambitious and combines over 70 years’ of photonics related expertise and dedicated customer service from headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our systems range from affordable fixed wavelength femtosecond lasers to tunable picosecond OPOs, which span the near and mid-IR spectral region.

The ultra-short pulse systems have been deployed for a variety of end-user applications which include multi-photon imaging, SHG microscopy, FTIR spectroscopy, stand-off detection of harmful chemicals and quantum optics research to name a few.

The unique system design is disrupting the marketplace with a compact and reliable laser option which can be installed remotely, integrated seamlessly with microscopy setups and is fully operational, straight out-of-the-box.